Atlas Mall Chain

Atlas Mall is the first new generation community mall chain which developed and established in Central Asia.

Atlas Mall Chain

“The first
new generation
Community mall chain
in Central Asia”

Atlas Mall is founded to provide to each visitor a
better customer experience through innovative
approaches. Atlas Mall is a place for the community
life, where shopping and entertainment become
convenient and pleasurable experience.
At the end of 2017 in a short time period
we had launched 5 malls in the main cities of
Uzbekistan. In this short period of time we
already created more than a thousand new jobs
in Uzbekistan making the national economy even
stronger. Knowing that our success will be
largely affected by our ability to attract
motivated employee base, we focus on hiring
and retaining versatile and talented people, each
of whom must think like, and therefore must
actually be, an owner.

“Atlas Group is a force
of growth, bold engine for
national economy”

“If we do our jobs right,
today's customers will
buy more tomorrow”

We are the company that truly believes
hat the long-term interests of our partners are
tightly connected to the interests of our
customers. Our partners are an ultimately
important part of providing the best quality to
our final customer. This is why Atlas
management carefully selects their tenants and
work toward increasing investors ROI.

We will enhance and leverage our financial
and business foundations by taking most out of
our company’s assets, including our malls and
other projects and capabilities to continue
company’s growth.
Atlas Karshi Mall
Atlas Karshi Mall

Date of opening: October 27, 2017.

Location: city of Qarshi.

Total area: 5000 sq.m.

Atlas Fergana Mall
Atlas Fergana Mall

Date of opening: November 25, 2017.

Location: city of Fergana.

Total area: 8000 sq.m.

Atlas Samarkand Mall
Atlas Samarkand Mall

Date of opening: December 1, 2017.

Location: city of Samarkand.

Total area: 7000 sq.m.

Atlas Chilanzar Main Mall
Atlas Chilanzar Main Mall

Date of opening: December 16, 2017.

Location: city of Tashkent.

Total area: 15 000 sq.m.

Atlas Yunusabad
Atlas Yunusabad

Date of opening: December 28, 2017.

Location: city of Tashkent.

Total area: 4 000 sq.m.