The first community mall chain in Central Asia.

About Us

Atlas Group is a huge company including such big projects in Uzbekistan as Atlas (Mall Chain), Atlas Mebel (Furniture Complexes Chain), MEDIAPARK (home appliances and electronics retail chain) and Multi MaFé (Restaurant Complex). Working from 2015 Atlas Group earned great experience in retail and restaurant business.

Each Atlas mall filled with fun and entertainment and is deeply rooted with its community life to improve their lifestyle experience.

Working hand in hand with partners, we form strong team and go forward to create a better business.

Corporate vision

Atlas Group’s main challenge is to provide convenient and qualitative shopping and new-generation lifestyle experience to produce future ways of living. And we work toward turning our malls into focal points of a local community life.


  • At the end of 2017 in a short time period Atlas Group had launched 5 malls in the main cities of Uzbekistan.
  • It became the first mall chain in Central Asia.
  • We work with the biggest players in fashion industry in Uzbekistan.